We have been buying our diesel from Gaspet for a while now. A little while ago we decided to buy our diesel from someone else, but we quickly came back to Gaspet!! I explained to Christel the reason for our move and she was so professional. There were no hard feelings and the service she gave us was amazing. The quality of the diesel as well as the quality of service was the reason why we returned to Gaspet so quickly. Thank you Gaspet and Christel for looking after us so well
Custom Towing
Overland has made use of a number of diesel suppliers over the past few years due to product quality but since receiving a warm welcome from Wessel who was a member of a “previous employer” at the time, it didn’t take much for Overland to convert once again. "When he mentioned that he will be moving over to GASPET it was without a doubt that Overland made the change with him in September 2016 because of his hands-on approach with clients and he also created an image of integrity and quality assurance towards his employer which leaves us at Overland extremely satisfied consumers of GASPET Petroleum."
Waliyya Mahomed
Director - Overland Group
"We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Company, and with specific reference to Wessel Wessels for the service and assistance with the purchases of diesel and oil from your company. We have been dealing with you for approximately 3 months, and the service is excellent and a pleasurable experience."
Stanley Coetzee
Shareholder - Stiaan Logistic Solutions (STS)
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