GASPET was founded in 2015 by Gerrit Prinsloo. Before starting GASPET, Gerrit was an auditor and business services consultant and had significant number of clients within the wholesale and retail petroleum industry. Venturing into the petroleum industry was a natural progression, especially because GASPET could get consistent supply at the right price through reliable sources. The GASPET culture is built on a strong entrepreneurial base, with strong controls to assist in managing the business. Each member of the GASPET team has a specific role to play and by each member giving a 110% for our clients the TEAM is bigger and stronger as a combination than the sum of the individuals. In only a short period GASPET showed that through their commitment and reliability companies have decided to partner with us to help their businesses grow.

The GASPET TEAM/FAMILY consists out of our administration office, separate sales teams for Petrol & Diesel, Lubricants & LPG. Our depot manager & staff ensure that the wheels keep on turning and our clients keep on smiling.

Our philosophy is to provide a Great Service at the Right Price.


Not only to be the leading and innovative supplier, but a business partner to our clients.


GASPET is inspired to provide a solution to our business partners and not only supplier of a product.  By doing that, we are FUELLED FOR GROWTH.

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